Easily save 1000 € on OTA commissions...

...without throwing any OTA overboard!
Keep using the big Online Travel Agents for the difficult seasons and save up to 25% by using Booka.place with OTAskipper for the high seasons for which you can easily find clients yourself.

Direct booking made easy

How does it work?

It's easy. Copy and paste Booka.place, the new booking kit in town, into your website and offer your clients the same ease of booking as the big platforms, but without the costs!

What is OTAskipper?

OTAskipper is a technology that makes it easy to automatically block your high season at the big OTAs while offering your clients to book directly and automatically synchronised with all channels at your site. It comes for free with Booka.place.

What is Booka.place?

Booka.place is a new booking engine with all the advantages of a channel manager built in. It can easily been copied into any website and it costs less per year than any other tool per month.

Booka.place with OTAskipper helps you navigate among the greedy OTAs.

Save per year?

Please see for your self:


Platform fees::

per year

You want even more?

No problem. What about better controlling the guest experience, owning the guest data yourself, communicate with your guests your way, select your own payment methods and cancellation policy?

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